Tydbyte in Binary Code

Tydbyte in Binary Code:

01010100 01111001 01100100 01100010 01111001 01110100 01100101

Tydbyte in Binary Code

My YouTube Channel is launched

My YouTube channel, Tydbytes with Tydbyte and Richard E. Ward, is now launched. A very exciting day for me to put it mildly, as it has seemed like an endless learning curve, with new things to learn and figure out almost every step of the way. My TBI Survivor mind went into a few tailspins, but I took the first step forward every day. Be practical and expect miracles.

Tydbytes with Tydbyte Introduction Video on YouTube

Custom YouTube Channel Name

I am working on a goal of getting a custom Youtube Channel name and I need to get 100 subscribers to achieve that. Please give me a boost and subscribe.

Lots to Learn

There is lots for me learn about creating videos.

I feel as if I am back, some 45 years ago, in the Department of Communication Arts at Loyola, Concordia University, in Montreal studying film, radio, TV, video and more with a wonderful group of professors led by Father Jack O’Brien.

Fond memories indeed.