Tydbyte is a multidimensional entity that lives in other realms, hanging around Earth from time to time, and is a long time friend of Richard Edward Ward. They met in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada many decades ago.

Tydbyte explores body, mind, soul, spirit, creativity, and other realms and dimensions leaving Tydbytes along the Way.

Tydbyte electonic codes

Tydbyte is currently busy zipping around and through the aether, and creating, and enjoying themselves.

ASCII, Binary, Hexadecimal, Morse Code and Octal

Tydbyte lives in the Aether, but their name can be represented on the planet Earth in various electronic codes including ASCII Code, Binary Code, Hexadecimal Code, Morse Code, and Octal Code:

Convert Text and Code

Unit Conversion is a very comprehensive unit conversion website. Convert your name, text or code.

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