Fuck Living in This Moment & Grasp Tomorrow

Fuck Living in this Moment & Grasp Tomorrow

Fuck living in this moment.

Fuck living in this moment of despair & darkness.

Live in the Now, oh surely you jest.

Pure Twaddle masquerading as pearls
Cast by Charlatans of the Spirit
whose Now, in this Moment,
has never been darkly menacing,
a vacuum full of despair,
squeezing the life and hope out their soul.

Charlatans of the Spirit spewing illusions.

Fuck living in this moment & grasp tomorrow.

Fuck living in this moment,
To be sucked into the Abyss,
To die in this moment,
This Now,
Crawl, claw & grasp Tomorrow.

Fuck living in this Moment,
Grasp Tomorrow.

Fuck living in this moment & grasp tomorrow - Richard E. Ward

Richard E. Ward
Montreal, Quebec

July 6, 2018

Copyright © 2020 by Richard E. Ward.

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